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Big results require Big Ambitions… Heraclitus

Ambition is the strong desire to get a thing done. Purpose, pursuit, plan and determination are what is needed to be able to fulfil an ambition that is Prosperous.

A life without ambition has nothing to look forward to, no desire for living, no driving force, therefore no reason to live.

AMBITION is the path to success, PERSISTENCE is the vehicle you arrive in… Bill Bradley

Whosoever you are, young or old, you must be ambitious and also willing to fulfil your ambition by paying the price in order to achieve it.

Your ambition may be to become a doctor, lawyer, banker, pilot, architect, business personnel. You must know what it takes to make your ambition become a reality. Do everything positive to make it come through.

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I must undergo anything it takes to make my ambition a reality as long as it is lawful.

My Pocket Book of Success
David A.T Popoola

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Five (5) Reasons Students engage in a Romantic Relationship with a Teacher

  • Love for Money:-

Covetousness brings you into starting a relationship with your teacher. You are that type of Student that no kinda denomination of money can satisfy you.

  • No Love at Home:-

It could be very disheartening and disastrous not to get love in a place you call a home. Parents could really get so faulty here. How well do understand your child/ward and his/her desires or wants. A Student who gets no love at home tends to find love elsewhere and unfortunately, falls in the hands of a so-called teacher who uses that situation excessively and negatively.

  • Extra Marks/Points:-

A teacher promises you extra points or mark for an Intimacy and you give in. Because you want to be recognized and applauded?!!
Teacher, Oh Teacher!!! Do you really need that?!! Why not hold fast and firm the profession you are called into. Stop the lies and let a sleeping dog lie. Remain positive always.

  • High Self-Esteem:-

What happened to being confident in yourself? Do you really need to be in a relationship with your teacher before you could become confident in yourself and attain some Self respect?!! You don’t have to feel disrespected for no reason. Stay unique and modest and you will get all the confidence and respect you are seeking.

  • Wanna be/Superiority:-

Hmmm.. This is now a Trend in many schools and colleges. There is this saying…’If you cannot beat them, you join them’… Really??!! You wanna join the league of the wanna be? You wanna control your Class and probably the entire school?!!… Hmmm…

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To say the fact my dear Student, all these reasons would only end you nothing good and Positive. Nothing should stop you from actualizing your dreams. Do not sell your price so cheap. Learn now so you don’t linger away. Listen attentively so you don’t get lost and withered. Do away with fake and ruthless Educators. Many so-called teachers are out there to destroy young lives and drag the profession into the mud. Why not see a trustworthy counsellor or find comfort in your parents, not necessarily the ones who birth you.

Watch out for my next post on ‘Finding that One Guardian’
Having a Student-Teacher Relationship issue? Contact me through the following means:
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Every student’s best friend should be his book. My book is the evidence of my being a Student. Everything my teacher Wants me to know is written in my text book and note book.

My book is my treasure. I make sure anytime I am in the school I go along with my books, because my book is my best friend.

When I come back from school I carry my school bag to a safe place, where I can go back later, after I have finished with all the necessary things needed to be done at home, I bring out my books and go through my homework and study other books. I read my books very well and everyday.

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I pass my examinations easily. When my friends ask me what is the secret of my knowledge and success, I simply say “My Books”.

My Pocket Book of Success
David A.T Popoola

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National Handwriting Contest 2018

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This contest has been going on in other parts of the world. Of cos This is actually the first in Nigeria. Waawu!!!

We gat some great and cool sponsors already. Space still open for more supporters and sponsors.

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Doesn’t this sound awkward to you?
Is your conscience completely and totally dead, that you ain’t thinking straight no more?!!

Little wonder why some people find no ish about a teacher dating a Student, which makes me even more disappointed in your being tagged a teacher and just wanna throw you some good stones right here.. Yeah…

Dating, according to Merriam-Webster, is a Social engagement between two persons that often has a Romantic character.

6 Reasons a teacher should not Date or be in a Romantic relationship with a Student

  • It causes Lack of attention in class
  • It brings about Lack of seriousness
  • There is Lack or no regards and respect for Teachers and the teaching profession
  • This act could result to having sex which might lead to pregnancy, having it aborted, thereby cutting short the student’s lifespan
  • It lowers the student’s Self esteem
  • This brings about unruly behaviour.

Lets just forget about the movies because this is reality. This act of madness sorry to say, is totally wrong and absurd, therefore should be curbed and stopped.


How can we achieve this?

Whenever we notice such around us, take positive action immediately.

Let us build a safe and serene community, thereby making this world a better place.

Together, this can be achieved.

Hoppie The AidEtionist


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Urgent! Teaching Jobs at Isolo, Ajao Estate,
The service of the following teachers urgently needed in a secondary school

1. English Language, Yoruba, French, Home Economics, Fine Art, Home Economics,

Salary attractive

Qualifications: Degree with experience on the job.
Interested person should come to the office for interview at JETS office
15, Dave Anazodo Street Ajao Estate Oshodi Lagos by 9.00am prompt two copies of CV or call Victoria on 08180857900 or email basic information to I (no attachment)
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* A Reputable Secondary School in Ibafo, Ogun State needs the Service of

– A Civic, Government, Account, Business Studies and Economics Teacher

Kindly send your CV to OR Call 07033451407, 07063973698


An Educator with all Humility

Name: Uchenna Ogbonnaya

Email address:

Personal Business: Researcher

Facebook Handle: Uchenna Ogbonnaya

Status: Single

Education Level:1st Degree

State of Origin: Ebonyi

Date of Birth: 15/05

Best Subject: Biology and English Language

Best Colour: Don’t really have best color. Loves good combination anyways.

Best Food: Eba with Egusi and bitter leaf soup

Sobriquet (Nickname): I used to bear uchecoxy but none now

Best teaching moment: My best teaching moment was when I did my best to coach quiz class and they came out first in a quiz competition at the ‘big’ Mayflower School, Ikenne, Nigeria. Let me also say that whenever I remember I have students I have taught in higher institutions, it gives me joy that my teaching moments paid off.

Best School Served: Adeola Odutola Elementary School, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria

Best Educational Quote: In going to school, make sure you pass through school and allow school pass through you as well. Don’t just attend school but get EDUCATED

Likes: HONESTY 100%

Dislikes: Dishonesty

Education Goal: To always be a source of inspiration to students I teach and as well draw inspiration from my teachers; those that I learn from

What keeps you Motivated in the Education world: I am motivated when I know I train other professionals

What would you adjust in the Education Sector in the nearest future: Teacher’s motivation and continuous professional development

An Educator with a heart of Understanding

AidEtion, ©2018


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Time is what we want most, but what we use worst…. William Penn

There is time for everything here on earth. The inability to follow the right timing will lead to failure, because every wasted hour is lost forever.

Failure to do the right thing at the right time, in the right place, for the right purpose, brings limitation to one’s progress and achievement in life.

The Bad news is time flies; The good news is you are the pilot… MICHAEL ALTSHULER

There is time to be born and also time to die, time of youthful age and time for old age.
Time to gather and time to scatter that which was gathered, a time to plant and time to harvest. As a Student, there is a time to be in Nursery, primary, secondary schools and University.

It is popularly said “work while the sun shines because a time comes when no man works” I have decided to be time conscious in all I do.

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My Pocket Book of Success
David A.T Popoola

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Bad Habit: Chewing while Teaching

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Chewing while Teaching has become a norm in some lesson classes. Yeah there could be that chewing session for everyone in class.

Chewing (gum, carrot, bitterkola, etc) while teaching in class is a very Bad Habit that should be dealt with thoroughly. There are so many flimsy reasons teachers give for chewing while teaching

  • It activates the brain
  • It keeps one alive
  • It makes one smart
  • It keeps one focused

Oh you really think all the above reasons could make you start chewing while teaching??!! You could decide to chew whatever chewable before lesson starts

And How on earth do you expect rules to be followed when you yourself go against your set down rules?!! Not forgetting that you are a Role Model

Why you should not chew while teaching

  • Chewing causes distraction
  • It tells of your lack of seriousness
  • The students tend to loose focus
  • You are your students’ role model

You could imagine chewing in a conference let alone in your classroom. When you are teaching, and you discover one of your Student chewing, what would be your reaction?? Not forgetting you taught the student so


Stay Positive and Healthy always… HoppieTheAidEtionist

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As a parent you want your child to learn the habit of reading early in life. Most of the children begin to read when they turn to 6 years of age. If you are exploring the ways of teaching children to read effectively in the formative years, given here are certain strategies which will help you for sure. But, remember that you need to implement these strategies only when your child is ready for it.

  • Bring Colorful and Interesting Storybooks and Read them regularly:

Without exposure it is difficult to learn anything. To teach a child to read needs efforts towards the right direction. To make your children interested in reading, you need to bring colorful and interesting storybooks containing stories that they can be easily comprehended as a young kid. You need to give your time, sit beside them and read those books. This way, they will fall in love with them. Start with reading 3-4 small books a day.

  • Remember Your Child Indulgence is Important:

You need to exhibit some patience as initially your children may not show interest in the stories. So, be interactive with them. When you read aloud and show them pictures ask a few questions to them. This is a key to teach a child to read. Your children begin to comprehend well at the age of 3-4 years. So, do not forget to ask a few small questions about the story in between to see whether they are engrossed in it or not.

  • Keep the Books Within Their Reach:

If you are out on a mission of teaching your child to read, do not be afraid of their tearing or spoiling the books. Make books easily accessible to them. Keep the books in their play areas and within their reach. It is better to set up a reading space beside their bookshelf and their usual curriculum books also. Right from the beginning they should know that reading is important and interesting too.

  • Help Your Children Read Themselves:

You should read aloud to them only in the beginning. Once they feel interested and engrossed in those books, they will try to read them by their own. This is the time when you need to hold their hand. Make sure that their book is meant for them only and contain the simplest words and sentence formation. Make them recognize and link the words to produce a resembling sound. This is how they will learn the phonics and begin to read. You need to correct them in between if they go wrong and have to work on the mistakes they are doing regularly. If the word is difficult for them, help them out to pronounce correctly, tell them its meaning and use similar words in the coming reading sessions with them.

  • Practice Phonics with Them:

If you are trying to make your kids read quickly and correctly, you need to spare a little more time with them. Just reading sessions would not be enough. You have to work towards developing adequate phonemic awareness in them. Always remember if your children cannot associate the sounds with the letters or cannot do the letter pairing effectively, you will have to make them practice so that they can read the complete words carefully.
Your children should know how to sound out the words. They should be aware of decoding the sounds of all the alphabets and the sounds when they are used together. Make them practice decoding and sounding out the word parts. Check out whether they are able to do so independently without your help. If yes, then they would be able to grasp and read the words in the books easily.

  • Let Them Read Aloud for You:

Once you think your child is capable enough to read independently without your help, try to inculcate the habit of reading aloud in them. Focus only on the mechanical skills of reading; ignore the grammar part in the beginning. Just concentrate that the words they utter should sound correctly. Reading aloud should not be limited to the story books alone; all the reading stuff should be read aloud by them. It is better not to disturb them in between when they are reading out as it disturbs their train of thought and they would find it difficult to understand the text. Point out their mistakes when they are through with the reading.

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Teaching child to read is not a rocket science. If you want your kids to learn the habit of reading in the early years of their life, you need to follow certain tactics only. To teach a child to read is easy, if you have time, patience and you are ready to put on efforts in the right direction.

Alausa Oluwakemi

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