Student-Teacher Relationship Building (iv)


Students who have positive and cordial relationships with their teachers are more willing to take on academic challenges and work on their Social emotional development
A cordial and Positive relationship wouldn’t just bring about academic excellence but a phenomenal ready to change the world.

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Ways of Building a Positive and Cordial Student-Teacher Relationship

  • Provide a structured environment by explaining clear expectations to your students and reinforcing sensible rules and regulations.
  • Teach with enthusiasm and passion
  • Be a Model by displaying a positive attitude and Lifestyle
  • Make learning fun
  • Be Interested in your Student’s way of life and well being
  • Treat each child with respect. Respect is reciprocal
  • Create a secure and safe environment for your students by eradicating criticism, bully and intimidation.


All these starts from the Heart of a Teacher.. What kind of heart do you possess?!

A Soft and easy heart… Fine
A stony heart… Not too fine… That heart could be an easy and understanding one… Just train your heart to patiently love, care, cherish and understand, and you would be an effective 21st century Teacher.


Student-Teacher Relationship Building (iii)

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A Teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart

Hattie noted in his study that a harmonious classroom can assist with the development of creativity as well as reduce anxiety levels amongst students.

The impact of Student-Teacher Relationship upon a student’s mental health should not be ignored.
Teachers are meant to be a powerful and effective support and encouragement to students, which may not always be available in the home.

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Another Researcher, Gillespie also recognized that the inherent qualities of a Student-Teacher Relationship (caring, knowing, trust and mutual respect) and a teacher’s rapport with students resulted in a classroom environment Where students were affirmed and supported to achieve their best.

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Vacancy Alert

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Dream Big, Start Small, Begin Now

Whatever will be achieved in the future must start now and start well because what we see people achieve today, they started it yesterday.

Don’t wait till tomorrow. It may be too late. Some students wait till the time of examination before they begin to read and they expect miracle to happen. They rush to read, overload their brain without assimilating anything, so they end up failing or not getting up to the expected percentage.

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You want to do anything reasonable tomorrow, start now. Attend that seminar and conference now. Register for that course now. Be under mentorship now. Read that book now, study them until you learn and understand.

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible
I know what I want to be and I have begun to study for it so that I can succeed in it tomorrow

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Student-Teacher Relationship Building (ii)


No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship…Dr. James Comer

Why the need for a Cordial and Positive Relationship

  • To promote a sense of belonging
  • To encourage students participate cooperatively
  • To help students develop confidence and face every kinda fear
  • To motivate and help set their goals aright
  • To advice and guide accordingly

According to an Educational Researcher, John Hattie, establishing a positive and supportive classroom environment, combined with productive relationships between teachers and their students, will provide a platform in which students are encouraged and motivated to grow both academically and personally.

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Every Child deserves a champion; an Adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be... Rita F. Pierson

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Fulfillment is defined as the feeling of being happy and satisfied with your life because you are doing interesting, useful, or important things.

Being fulfilled is being satisfied and happy with one’s situation or doing what is expected of one’s life.

When then will a student be fulfilled? The only time a student can be fulfilled is when a student is promoted from one class to a higher one, with good grades and when he or she receives the certificate and his or her result reads distinction or credit, when graduating from school and achieve success through hard work and integrity.

I want to be fulfilled when I finish school, not to boast but to be sincerely happy and confident that I work hard to achieve my good grades. So I choose to do the right thing at the right time now, in order to be a student of honour who knows what he or she has come to school to do (to learn).

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Student-Teacher Relationship Building (i)

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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge… Albert Einstein

According to Merriam-Webster, Relationship is synonymous to connection, and it is defined as the way in which two or more people, groups, countries etc, talk to, behave towards, and deal with each other

There shouldn’t just be a relationship between a teacher and Student, rather a Cordial and Positive one
A cordial relationship is a politely pleasant and friendly relationship.


To succeed in the 21st century as an educator, there MUST be a cordial and well defined flow between a teacher and her students and as well as the curriculum.
Developing a cordial and Positive relationship between a teacher and Student is a fundamental aspect of quality teacher and Student learning.

It is the little conversations that build the relationships and make an impact on each Student… Robert John

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Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom… George Washington Canver

I refuse to be in bondage or do any secret thing that will not make me to exercise my freedom when I am in the midst of my friends, teachers and families. I am born free and have the right to be free as long as i am not found in the wrong company. This is understanding.

It is my right to be free as a citizen of my country, I have freedom of Speech, freedom to be educated and freedom to live anywhere I want, especially when it is conducive for living, I have the right to freedom of religion, to vote when I am of age, freedom to own property and the likes.

I know I can do what I can as long as what I am doing is right and that does not mean I should mis-use my God-given freedom, because I am free, it also makes me fear God and obey him.

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The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go

Happiness is a state of being happy, state of well-being and contentment. It is also a pleasurable or satisfying experience. I am a happy Student, I choose to be happy by creating happy moments for myself, I avoid anything that can make me sad like failure, fighting, quarrelling, cheating or stealing. I read in other to pass my examination and refuse to be found where wrong things or unnecessary arguments are being done.

I laugh all the time and do things that will make others happy. I am happy, so, are all the people around me. When we are on holidays, I miss the happy moments in school and yet I enjoy my holiday. I refuse to waste my time, I read, work and play at the right time for each.

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When I see people look sad, I do all I can to make them Happy because it gives me joy to see others rejoice. I vow to live a happy life and I know God will help me. Amen

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Leadership is lifting a person’s vision To High sight, the Raising of a person’s performance to a Higher standard, the building of a person’s personality beyond Its normal limitations. 

It’s never too early to instill in our children the value that leadership principles can have in their lives. Children like adults live up to the expectations we have of them.
Their innate capacity to influence others, their confidence builds and they begin to evolve into role models themselves.

The life of a child is an extraordinary treasure. The future is unmapped. As they grow they have already begun the journey of their lives. Their dreams and goals have not yet been formulated. Their interests grow and their energies can begin to be channeled into their interests. Their thought patters are formulating and they emulate the words and actions of their role models.


Check your communication when speaking with children because their minds are like sponges. They soak up all the information. They’re eager to learn; to evolve; to expand. It’s the duty of parents, teachers, care givers and coaches to empower and enrich the lives of young people. It comes in the form of positive and life-enriching support and assistance.

To grow, thrive and evolve as loving, caring and contributing humans, children need to feel and embrace unconditional love, support and encouragement. Children need to know they matter and their lives are important. They need to know there is a solid platform beneath them and at least one pair of warm arms to hold them when they’re sad and struggling.

Toyin Sam-Emehelu.
Educational Leadership Legend!

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